Jan 12, 2009


I am glad you were all present for the test. ;-)

I was testing earlier why our old domain name still has my Blogger website up when, clearly, this is the new domain address I asked Blogger to redirect to.

The old domain name was http://www.caninemafioso.com

One day, I received an email from GoDaddy! explaining that my domain name had expired and someone else had snatched it up. Alright, whatever.

So I registered caninemafiosos.com (just added an "s" to the domain name) and here we are at the new blog. However, my old blog (with a very old post) still appears. How come someone else own the domain name yet still have my material up there? Blogger has been no help. GoDaddy! has been no help.

:::Throws hands up in the air:::

Why do I care? That's the million dollar question! The only reason I care is because it seems that 50% of the hits to queries for "canine mafia," "canine mafiosos," and "dogfathers" all land at the old address.

/end rant

Here is my payment for reading this nonsense, non-dog related post. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hmm, the domain poachers must not have bothered to change DNS on your old domain.

    Maripon Management, Inc.
    Office 2, 456-458 Strand
    London, Not Applic WC2R 0DZ
    United Kingdom

    The Canine Mafioso are coming to pee on your legs, Maripon Management Inc.!


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