Jan 19, 2009

The Needleman

Gino went to the vet's today.

This year is different. This year, The Mafiosos and any feline siblings are only going to the vet for routine visits. No emergency illnesses, no mysterious lumps needing to be removed.

So I am glad to report that today's visit was merely a routine visit.

"Seriously? I can't change your mind about this?
We're really going to see The Needleman?"

Actually Gino, there has been progress in the veterinary field. There are now Needlewomen, too. In fact, the vet you are seeing today is a woman.

"A woman you say?
Perhaps I can distract her
with my famous fishy smelling kisses!"

Alas, the vet was not distracted. She checked out Gino's eye to make sure his corneal ulcer is not flaring up. I am happy to report it is not, and in fact, I shall now take this moment to threaten said corneal ulcer.

Dear Corneal Ulcer,

You will not, not even for a nanosecond, think about flaring up and causing my Pug any problems. Don't make me come after you.



Gino was an absolute gentleman and was winning everyone over with his calm demeanor. I wish I could say it was because I trained him to be so at the vet's, but it's because we walked to the vet's. I'm sure he was pretty darn beat from yesterday's snow adventure and then today's mile walk to the vet's office. So the secret to having a complaint dog at the vet's office? Tire him out. :-)

The only procedure he was not OK with was having his temperature taken rectally. I had to do some serious restraining moves on him, because he fought back like hell. In fact, I think I might have heard him scream "EXIT ONLY!!!" when the thermometer went in.

We did have a small, tiny pitfall. Gino is on a two week course of antibiotics and prednisone for a bacertial skin infection he is battling. We went out and bought special dye and perfume free detergent to wash all blankets and beds he comes in contact with in an effort to rule out environmental allergies. So readers, if we could ask for just a small bit of juju to kick bacteria ass, we'd highly appreciate it.

In other good news...the husband managed to fix the lens I broke yesterday!

Yes, I do have cookies for each dog based on size.
Yes, I know that I am a dork for doing so.

That's another thing to add to the list of reasons why I keep him around. :-) Thank you Ryan! I promise to put my camera away inside the bag after every use. Scout's honor.


  1. Now I'm humming the "My Name Is Needleman And I'm An Oral Surgeon" song from that old 1980s episode of "Saturday Night Live" ...

  2. Poor Gino, getting poked by a strange lady. At least he posed all cutsie for you at the vets.

    OMG....I wish I could say I'm surprised about Ryan's talents but I'm actually in awe of them!! Add camera/lens repair to that handy list of things he knows how to do!


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