Jan 18, 2009

More Snow Fun!

Today would have been a completely crappy day. I broke one of my favorite lenses this morning and could have started crying. I went to grab my camera bag only to forget that I set my camera on top of the bag instead of putting it inside the bag when I returned from out last snow trip.

Yup, you guessed it...

My camera fell straight to the floor and POP! There went my lens. Broke in half. My husband, Mr. MacGyver, said he'd try to repair it, but well, I was still upset at myself for being so careless with my equipment.

I needed to get out of my funk quickly, because we were soon to meet up with our good friends Bison and Lindsay for a snow trip. As soon as I saw Bison and Lindsay get out of the car, my face was all smiles. So today, I thank them for helping me get out of my crappy mood.

So here begins the tale of our snow trip with The Mafiosos' cousins...

"So all this white stuff is called 'snow' you say?"
asks Lindsay.

"Oh God, you've brought me to this cold
white stuff place again?"

"Yeeeehaw! I like the snow a lot better
than last time! It's a lot warmer out here today,
which means I won't freeze my curly tail
off like last time," says Vinnie.

"I agree with Vinnie!" exclaims Gino.
"The snow is tons of fun!"

"GAH!" shouts Gino.
Who threw that snowball?!"

that *might* of have been me!" says Bruno.

"Ack!" exclaims Bruno.


"QUIT IT!!!"

"Whomever threw those snowballs
is DEAD MEAT!" threatens Bruno.

"Nice aim, Dad.
Keep landing those nice shots at his
freakishly large head!" encourages Gino.

Bruno got pelted with snow balls!" laughs Bison.

"Hey guys," says Bison.
"Were you guys teasing me when you said
there really is no internet connection out here?
No WiFi? Are you sure?"

"Hey guys? I was just
asking a question!
Wait for me!!!"

Wait! What is that?! Could it be?

Is that Carmela...SMILING??

"This place is not so bad," says Carmela.
"It gives me happy feelings."

"You repeat any of this, and I swear to God,
I'll kill you in your sleep with a chalupa."

Bruno wasted no time busting out his secret weapon...

"I rock these snow boots!"

"Hey, Vinnie!" shouts Bruno.
"Check me out in my snow boots!"

"There's just one problem
with your snow boots," says Vinnie.

"Yeah, I know...
They make my butt look kinda big," replies Bruno.

"But they are sooo totally worth it!" says Bruno
"They give me some awesome air powers!"

"Check it out!" shouts Bruno.




But Bruno...it seems these boots don't prevent your from making freaky faces!

"Enough of that Meathead," says Carmela.
"Take a picture of me climbing this mountain."

But, um, Carmela, that's not really a mountain...it's a tree stump.

"Shut up.
If you were my size, this would
totally be a mountain," clarifies Carmela.

Thank you Bison and Lindsay for showing us how to have a fun time with family in the snow!

Lastly, I leave you with this...

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


  1. susan/cookiemonsterJanuary 18, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    those are great pictures and stories!!

  2. Hi Mary and the Canine Mafia,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. We really enjoyed the pictures. The gang definitely enjoyed their outing in the snow. The blue skies are a big bonus!

  3. Those are great pictures -- I can see everyone had a blast, even Carmela!

    Oh, hey, look, here comes a chihuahua bringing me a chalupa!

  4. Auntie Mary, we had the bestest time with our cousins. Thanks for taking us on our first snow trip. I enjoyed watching Bruno's fancy snowball catching moves. I love the pictures as my memory.

    ~Mr. Bison


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